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Nuclear Bunker

Hidden deep beneath Hustyns Resort Cornwall is piece of history which depicts the growing fears of Nuclear Armageddon over 40 years ago. Built between 1982 and 1983 with parts from around the world and the UK including; Scandinavia, Chichester, Norwich and even a shower pump from our very own Cornwall, the Nuclear Bunker contains, 12 bunk beds, 3 chemical toilets, 1 shower, basic kitchen and an air filtration system. The Bunker can be accessed via a locked stair case, and is located underneath the main restaurant. An escape tunnel can be found inside the bunk room, which leads to a panic room and an exit out into the hotel grounds. The Bunker remains untouched to this day and has thankfully never been put to the test.

Hustyns Hotel and Spa Heating/Hot Water Project

We are pleased that we have received a grant to support our project to install a new gas fired combined heat and power unit to support existing heating/hot water system.

Our project is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Hustyns Hotel and Prosperity Paint Hub

We are currently working to renovate the hotel & Lodges and update various furniture and appliances. We have teamed up with Carolyn from Prosperity Paint Hub St Austell and are in the process of donating various items to their charity which works to protect the environment and improve the wellbeing of people, and appearance of places, across the UK by diverting reusable leftover paint from disposal and redistributing it to community groups, local charities, families and individual in need.

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