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Important Notice
The road from Pengelley Cross to Hustyns will be temporarily closed form Monday the 20th of May until Saturday the 26th May for South West Water to do some essential repairs.
Other suggested routes are via Cornwall Services, via Burlawn or via Winnards Perch.”0

A Taste of Cornwall




Mon – Sun

Monday – Sunday  7.30am – 10am

Adult £15, Children £7.50 

Enjoy a delicious cooked breakfast with a selection of continental style items.

Restaurant Open from 3rd May

Monday to Sunday


Pre booking recommended

Contact us on 01208893700


What People are Saying

the meal we had that night was one of the tastiest meals I have ever had the pleasure to eat. The chef deserves recognition.


“I stayed at hustyns recently with a friend for some respite as i have been unwell and needed a break. The receptionist couldn’t do enough for us and was helpful and friendly.

The hot chocolate was delicious and the meal we had that night was one of the tastiest meals I have ever had the pleasure to eat. The chef deserves recognition. Our waiter Hugo I think he was called – was friendly and met all of our needs.”

Katie Smith – Google reviews

“A Hidden Gem”

Highly recommend and we will be back “

Claire G – Tripadvisor

“A great Afternoon Tea”

Our afternoon tea arrived and we were very impressed with everything that we were given

Yvonne” – Tripadvisor

“Highly Recommend”

Fantastic spa treatments, feeling fully relaxed. Delicious food. But most of all, welcoming, happy friendly staff.

Alexis Mcdermott – Google

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Hustyns & Porthilly Shellfish

Join us as we take you on a behind-the-scenes journey to Porthilly Shellfish, a local shellfish farm located just 9 miles away from Hustyns Resort Cornwall. As part of our ongoing commitment to showcasing the finest local produce on our menus, our team had the incredible opportunity to witness firsthand how the oysters and mussels, featured prominently in our dishes, are sustainably farmed.

Porthilly Shellfish is a family-run farm owned by Tim Marshall, who hails from five generations of farmers. With over 30 years of experience, the Marshall family has truly perfected the art of oyster farming, making them a trusted name in the industry. In addition to oysters, they also grow and supply mussels, clams, and samphire to both local eateries and international markets.


What sets Porthilly Shellfish apart is their commitment to sustainability. These shellfish not only provide a delectable culinary experience but also serve a crucial role in the local ecosystem. Through their natural filtering process, the oysters and mussels actually help to improve the water quality by reducing nitrogen and carbon levels, making a positive impact on the environment.

When it comes to taste and nutritional value, Porthilly oysters are in a league of their own. Rich in vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium, these flavorsome delicacies offer a host of health benefits. And the best part? From farm to plate, they travel just 9 miles, ensuring that you indulge in the freshest and most flavorful oysters possible.

At Hustyns Resort Cornwall, we take great pride in supporting local businesses like Porthilly Shellfish. By incorporating their sustainably farmed shellfish into our menu, we not only provide our guests with an exceptional culinary experience but also contribute to the preservation of our precious coastal ecosystem.

So, the next time you savor the taste of our delicious oysters or mussels, know that they not only represent the finest local produce but also epitomize our commitment to promoting sustainable farming practices. Join us at Hustyns Resort Cornwall and immerse yourself in the flavors of Porthilly Shellfish as we celebrate the marriage between nature’s bounty and culinary excellence.

Hustyns & Camel Valley Vineyard


Looking to support local businesses and promote the incredible produce Cornwall has to offer, the team at Hustyns resort recently embarked on an exciting adventure to Camel Valley Vineyard. Nestled just 4 miles away from our resort, this family-owned vineyard has been making waves in the world of winemaking for over three decades.


Our visit began with a guided tour of the vineyard, which is available Monday to Friday from 10.30 am. Led by the Lindo family themselves, this tour provided us with an exclusive insight into their journey and the immense dedication they have poured into their craft. Bob and Annie Lindo, the masterminds behind this flourishing business, have spent more than 33 years perfecting their skills and expanding their knowledge of vine cultivation and grape-to-glass wine production.


It’s truly inspiring to witness the passion and commitment the Lindo family has for their vineyard. From planting and nurturing the vines to mastering the art of winemaking, every step has been carefully executed to produce exceptional wines that truly embody the essence of Camel Valley. And what better way to show our support than by having a selection of their wines on our very own wine list at Hustyns resort!


Our team at Hustyns has had the pleasure of meticulously sampling and testing the range of Camel Valley wines, so you can rest assured that any recommendation from us is backed by our firsthand experience. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or simply looking to explore the local flavors, we’re more than happy to guide you in choosing the right bottle to complement your palate.

So, next time you find yourself at Hustyns resort, take a moment to indulge in the fruits of the Lindo family’s labor. By supporting Camel Valley Vineyard, not only are you embracing the remarkable local produce of Cornwall, but you’re also raising a glass to the immense talent and dedication that goes into creating each bottle. 

Food Allergy or Intolerance

If you have a food allergy, intolerance or coeliac disease – please speak to staff about the ingredients in your food and drink.


Attention customers with food allergies. Please be aware that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish or wheat. While we take steps to minimize risk and safely handle the foods that contain potential allergens, please be advised that cross contamination may occur, as factors beyond our reasonable control may alter the formulations of the food we serve, or manufacturers may change their formulations without our knowledge.

Allergen Facilities:
Our facilities are not food allergen or gluten-free. Customers with food allergies or other nutritional concerns are advised to notify the manager for assistance.

Please be advised that baked goods may contain or come into contact with peanuts, tree nuts or other allergens.

The Information provided on our website is intended to act as a guide only.

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