Pronounced Mowzel. Mousehole is a small picturesque fishing village centred on a charming harbour close to Penzance in southern Cornwall.

A cave called the Mousehole, located nearby, is thought to be one explanation for the name. Mousehole was ransacked by Spaniards in the late 16th century with much of the village burned to the ground.

Squire Keigwin is recorded as having fought so bravely in defence of the village that he earned the respect of the invaders, his home was one of the few buildings that was not razed to the ground. Dolly Pentreath, an inhabitant, was famous for being the last surviving person to speak the Cornish language. She is buried in Paul churchyard. A memorial to her was erected in 1860 by Prince Louie Lucien Bonaparte, 83 years after her death.

In December, Mousehole switches on its amazing display of Christmas lights that decorate the harbour, town and surrounding hillside.

Mousehole can be combined with a trip to Land’s End from CLC Hustyns resort.