Land’s End

The name Land’s End needs little explanation; it is the westernmost point of Cornwall and the name of the peninsula that stretches from St Ives on the North coast and Penzance on the South. The cliffs around are hugely impressive, as are the rock formations that lie off the coast.

Dr Syntax’s Head, the Armed Knight and Dr Johnson’s Head are just some of the strangely named natural masterpieces in granite that have inspired visitors and artists for centuries. Its peninsula, also known as West Penwith, has an enormous concentration of archaeological heritage with over 800 sites still visible. Sites date from the Neolithic era, which began over 6000 years ago, and trace the history of this area through the Bronze, Iron and Dark Ages into the Early Christian period and the Age of the Celtic Saints.

Cornwall’s industrial archaeological heritage is also very well represented across much of the peninsula, with enigmatic stone mine buildings situated in some of the county’s most magnificent scenery.

Land’s End is around an hour and a half from our CLC Hustyns resort along the A30 to Penzance and then just follow the signs.