Hustyns Astounds

slide1CLC Hustyns’ fantastic high-end quality accommodation and guest services have been recognised and awarded by hotel-booking website,

The Award of Excellence is given to those who provide the very best to guests who stay at their hotel. Website reviews have to average a score of 8/10 or over in the previous year to achieve such an accolade. CLC Hustyns notched up 9.1 and we couldn’t be happier!

CLC Hustyns is one of three CLC World Resorts to be given’s Award of Excellence so far this year; awarded, says Gillian Tans, president and COO of, in acknowledgement of commitment to “getting it right for each and every guest”.

Not only meeting but striving wherever they can to exceed the expectations of those who holiday in Cornwall at the resort, the staff members at CLC Hustyns are very pleased to be recognised for all their hard work. Resort Manager, Jamie Alexander said the award highlights that CLC World and its resorts are clearly fulfilling the company’s mission to maintain and manage exceptional resorts worldwide.

“Being publicly recognised for our continued high standards is both an honour and a privilege. We are feeling very proud”, he added.

We thank those who have stayed with us and who took the time to share their great time with us on the site – we couldn’t have done it without you!